What kind of computer do I need to use PassCo ?

PassCo can run on the most basic of computers with minimum resources.

How do I install PassCo BECE ?

Simply download and run the setup.exe file from any location of your computer. Follow the steps to complete the installation

Where can I purchase the CD ?

Go to www.passcoafrica.com, click on “Get Your PassCo” and click on “Download PassCo”. Click on either the BECE or WASSCE icon to download. Next click on “Get Your PassCo” and click on “Purchase PassCo” and follow the instructions to pay with Mobile Money, Visa or Slydepay.

What if I don’t have access to a computer at home ?

PassCo has several options. You can use PassCo Desktop at a relative or friends computer. Alternatively, you can use PassCo SMS on your mobile phone or PassCo Online at a library or internet café.

How much does the CD cost ?

PassCo BECE and PassCo WASSCE each cost GHS 100.

Can the CD be used more than once ?

The CD can be used more than once but each activation of the software comes at a cost of GHS 100.

How do I update my PassCo with the latest information ?

Go to www.passcoafrica.com and download PassCo from there. The latest version will always be hosted on the site.

What do I do if my CD gets damaged ?

Go to www.passcoafrica.com and download PassCo from there free of charge.

I have formatted my PC and can't find the PassCo Program ?

Reinstall PassCo and re-activate the program. The Key will be sent to you as long as the hard drive of your computer remained unchanged.

Can I print out the questions ?

No. There is no print feature in PassCo.

Can I save in the middle of taking an exam and continue later ?

During the middle of taking an exam, simple click on the [Save] button, choose the location and save the PassCo.

How do I set my own time limits for each subject ?

Click on FileSet Time Limits. Select the course you desire and enter the time in minutes you want to set the subject for.